304 W. 5th Street, Waxahachie, TX 75165, US


"Take what you need,
Bring what you can,
Above all.....Be Blessed".

About Us

Sonny and Kay Sides


We have 5 children, 12 grandchildren and have been blessed with 26 years of marriage.  Sonny had a plumbing business in Waxahachie for over 25 years.  Kay was an executive secretary at Holcim for 17 years.  

So, in 2000, we chose to learn together how to sail, bought a blue water sailboat we could live on, and started paying off bills and saving money, so we could live on our boat in the Caribbean, as long as it was safe, our health allowed it, and it was still fun.  We spent five years preparing our boat and us, for moving aboard.  In 2005, we quit our jobs, sold everything we had and moved aboard S/V Valentina, and left Kemah, TX traveling to the Bahamas, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, and Colombia. It was a life-changing experience, met life-long friends on other boats, and met wonderful friends in each country we visited.

In 2013, we knew it was time to return to Texas.  We have 12 grandchildren and wanted to spend time with them.  We bought a "little" house in Waxahachie, although after living on the boat, it seemed very big to us.  And in December, 2016, Sonny saw something on FaceBook that Jessica McClard was doing in Arkansas.  It is called a Little Free Pantry.  We discussed it, prayed about it, and, before I knew it, he had the saw out, and making one.

It has definitely been a project we never dreamed possible.  It is a lot of work, but helps so many people each day in meeting their immediate hunger needs.  They can come 24/7, get what they need, no questions asked, no forms to fill out.  If they need it....we strive to make sure it is there for them.  

It is a blessing thing......you get blessed if you need food and get it, and you get blessed by bringing food to it for others in need.

We are honored to be the stewards of the Little Pantry.  Thank you for making it possible.  

Outgrowing My Laundry Room


As I mentioned, we bought a 'little' house.  When we started the Little Pantry, we started putting supplies in my small laundry room on shelves.  When winter came, and it was time to bring my plants in, my laundry room got even smaller, along with supplies for the Pantry.

So, we have built a storeroom.   We pick up 2,500 loaves of Pepperidge Farm bread every two weeks.  We needed somewhere to keep it, until it is given away.

Living on our Sailboat "Valentina"


I think living aboard our sailboat in the Caribbean gave us a first-hand view of poverty and hunger in the world.

When we returned to our hometown in 2013, we wanted to make a difference and do what we can so that no one in Waxahachie goes to bed hungry.

Thank you for helping to make this possible.

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