304 W. 5th Street, Waxahachie, TX 75165, US


"Take what you need,
Bring what you can,
Above all.....Be Blessed".

Little Pantry Blessings in Waxahachie


Logan...an amazing young man

How precious!  💕

Logan told his mom they needed to take some food to the Little Pantry.  So, that evening, they prayed for the Little Pantry before going to bed,  and brought some items by the next day.

What an awesome young man!  💕

I think we are in good hands.

Jessica's Daughter's Birthday Presents

"My daughter turns 13 tomorrow- she requested food for the pantry instead of gifts for her birthday!! Such a giving heart - she feels so happy to know that others will be able to have dinner on the table tonight!"

These are some of the testimonies in Waxahachie and blessings in Waxahachie at the Little Pantry.

A Homeless Young Man

We noticed a young man at the Pantry this morning.  He was drinking.....but, it was not a bottle of water.  😘

He was hungry and of all the items in the Pantry, he opened a cold can of chicken noodle soup and stood there and ate/drank it.

We do have hungry people in Waxahachie.  💕

Time For A Change....

Cold, hungry, and hurting......💕

On this brisk morning, we noticed a young gentleman at the Pantry.  He nervously got a few things and stopped down the street to eat them.

Then, he came back again for a few more snacks.

After the third time, we prepared a bag of items he could eat and drink to take with him in his backpack.  Sonny walked down to him to give them to him.  But, he would not take it.

He was shivering and said he was waiting for someone from a drug addiction rehab to come pick him up.  He came back to the Pantry two more times to get something to eat, while waiting to get picked up.

Finally, a vehicle pulled up, and he got in.

Please pray for this young man, for his heart, his future, and his success in getting the help he needs.  He touched us this morning.  

So thankful the Pantry was there for him.  💕

How Many Use the Pantry?

We always wonder how many people/families are blessed from The Little Pantry in a given time-frame.

So, this morning, we checked the camera and in 3 hours and 17 minutes, 8 people/families picked up food from the Pantry.  That is one every 25 minutes.    

That is exactly how it is designed and planned to be.  A swinging door for so many different needs.

Thank you for being a part of it and feeding so many of our community neighbors.  💕

He Gave His All....

He gave his all.....💕

This morning, I was going out to the Pantry to put the sun covers on the doors when I noticed a young gentleman walking up the street.  I said, "Good morning, how are you?"  

He came up to me and started digging in his pocket.  He took all of his change out of his pocket and handed it to me.  I told him, "No, you keep that".  Very emotionally, he said, "No, I need to do this.  I am going through some things right now....and I need to give this to the Pantry."  He then emptied out his other pocket of change and gave to me.

He said he loves what we are all doing with the Pantry, helping others, and.....helping him.

Still, pretty shaken, he reached for his billfold, and handed me the money he had in it. 

By now, we are both very emotional, and I asked him if he needed anything, if I could pray for him, or if there is anything we could do for him.  

He responded, "No, not now.  I am good.  God bless y'all."

And he left, walking in the direction he came.

I walked in the house and told Sonny what just happened.  


I pray God's special blessings on this young man right now and his unselfish gift of giving it all....for others in need.  He touched my heart.  💕